class T5ConfigWithLoss

(loss_type = "focal_loss", focal_loss_alpha=0.5, focal_loss_gamma=2.0, **kwargs)


  • loss_type (str): Loss function that will be called if labels are passed.

  • focal_loss_alpha (float, optional): Weighting factor between 0 and 1. (Defaults to 0.5).

  • focal_loss_gamma (float, optional): Focusing parameter gamma >= 0. (Defaults to 2.0).

  • **kwargs: T5 model configuration.

class T5ForZeroShotClassification

(config: DebertaConfigWithLoss)


  • config (DebertaConfigWithLoss): Deberta model configuration.

Using T5 Model:

from liqfit.models.t5 import T5ConfigWithLoss, T5ForZeroShotClassification
config = T5ConfigWithLoss(loss_type="focal_loss", **rest_of_deberta_config)
model = T5ForZeroShotClassification(config)

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