Knowledgator specializes in developing open-source ML models designed for information extraction (IE) tasks. Our models are trained to work for a range of IE tasks:

  • Text classification

  • Named-entity recognition

  • Relation extraction

  • Entity linking

  • Question-answering

  • Reranking of search results

  • Text summarization

  • Text cleaning

  • Coreference resolution

Access our models

Knowledgator currently provides two types of access to information extraction models:

  1. Open-source access: our models are available under the Apache 2.0 License on HuggingFace. These models can be freely downloaded, modified to suit your needs and run on your custom instances.

  2. API as a Service: for users seeking ready-to-use solutions, we provide API services with flexible pricing plans to suit various scales and requirements, available on RapidAPI.


📣 Custom Solutions: If you have unique requirements or need tailored solutions, our team is here to assist. Contact us to explore custom development opportunities.


LiqFit: Python framework used for few-shot fine-tuning of a classification model(Comprehend-it).


Join our Discord community to engage in discussions about ML and information extraction, share your experiences, and connect with our engineering team. For enterprise inquiries, more information about our models, or requests for additional features, please reach out to our Business Team.


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